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1. Why did I receive a rejection notification?

Contestant submissions are rejected if the entry form was not completed properly, if the entry fee is not included with the submission unless otherwise specified, and if the music that is submitted is NOT the original work of the artist submitting. The submission will be rejected and entry fee will be forfeited.

INCOMPLETE ENTRY FORM>If upon review of the music submitted, it is considered that not all parties involved in the production of the submission are listed on the entry form, the contestant will be contacted directly and asked to correct the information and resubmit the entry form. For example, If a band/group of 5 members is performing on the track submitted, however, the entry form only lists the lead singer's name, the contestant will be contacted and asked to resubmit the entry form including the names and signatures of others in the band/group. If the entry form is not received in 5 business days from the date of rejection, the contestant will be removed from the competition. The submission will be rejected and entry fee will be forfeited. A new submission fee is NOT required if form is received in the prescribed 5 business days. Entry will not be returned.

NOT ORIGINAL WORK OF THE ARTIST>For example: CD/Flashdrive of a cover song performance submission will be rejected. A cover song performance occurs when a person/band/group remasters/re-sings the song of someone else that has not given them permission to redo or use the song performed, such as: A woman singing "I'm A Survivor" by Beyonce. The woman singing the song is 'covering' the song of Beyonce. The song does not belong to the woman singing. Therefore, the woman does not have the right to submit the song for competition. The submission will be rejected and entry fee will be forfeited. 

2. What happens if my submission is rejected? 

If your submission is rejected you will received an email notification of the rejection and by what means, the rejection may be adjusted. Rejected submissions, due to entry form not being completed properly, are the only rejected entries that are considered Incomplete and potential contestants are given 5 business days from the date of entry status notification to respond as suggested. After 5 business days, the submission is voided. If the submission is voided, it has been discarded and the contestant must resubmit all contest required material. The entry fee will be forfeited.

3. Why do I have to pay a submission fee?

This is a competition. Contestants submit their music that will be judged against other contestant's music. A group of 10 judges will critique the entries and submit their preference suggestion to IABOI for final choice. IABOI Pictures wants to give a needed hand to those talented. It costs to create professional films. While IABOI Pictures may waive the cost of directing, cinematography, editing, and screenwriting, other costs such as, reserving venues, wardrobe and hiring talent will not be waived.

4. I am under contract with a recording company, may I submit my track?

Yes. If an artist is under contract with an agency, the artist would simply include the name, title, and signature of the person authorized to release the track/song for participation in the IABOI Music competition, on the entry form. For example, If an artist/group/band is contracted with "Bad Boy Productions"(fic), an authorizing agent at the production company would provide their name, title and signature on the entry form, releasing the track/song for competition. Release is only valid for IABOI Music Competition 2013 and for the duration of the contest.

5. What if I am not in Alabama?

If winning contestants are located in the 49 continental United States, Hawaii excluded, travel and production scheduled may still be set to venture to the city of the winning contestant.

6. Why is having a music video important to me?

A music video is important to an aspiring artist because it provides a visual backdrop to your musical ability and provides valuable performance material for your musical portfolio. A visual representation of your musical talent provides camera and theatrical stage presence to production companies and may provide them with confidence of your marketability as a signed artist.

7. I want to submit a lot of songs. How may I do this?

Yes, multiple songs may be submitted. All of the songs may be put on 1 CD or Flashdrive. Each song must have a separate entry form and the total entry fee must be included for each song that is submitted. If you only wish to submit a song(s) from a CD that contains multiple tracks, simply complete the entry form(s) for that particular song(s) and include the CD. For example, if you have a CD that contains 15 songs and you only wish to submit 3 of those songs, then complete an entry form for each song and include the entire CD. The entry fee for each song is $20*. If you wish to submit 3 songs. The total entry fee will be $60*. Entry fees may be paid by credit/debit card, here on our site OR you may mail a money order for the total entry fee with your submission. *Entry fee is based on date of entry.

8. When does the contest end?

Submissions will be accepted July 1 thru August 31, 2013. The winners will be announced September 30, 2013.

9. How much is the entry fee?

The entry fee for IABOI Music Contest 2013 is $20 per musical submission from July 1 thru August 1, 2013. After August 2, 2013, the entry fee goes up to $45.

10. What if I am unable to be present for video film shoot or production?

Winners have 6 months to schedule and film their videos, inclusive of winner participation. January 31, 2014 is the cut off date for setting appointments to set film scheduling.

If selected winners of the Annual IABOI Music Competition can not, for various reasons and numerous attempts to adjust production scheduling, appoint or meet a shooting schedule, IABOI Pictures will continue with filming without the selected winners. Winner participation is not required for video production. Winners will receive a DVD of their video.

11. Who decides what my video looks like?

While we at IABOI Pictures reserve the right to present our visual interpretation of the winning entries, we understand that these songs are creations of the artists and collaboration is welcomed and encouraged.

12. May I enter by email?

Yes. As of July 27, 2013, entries may be submitted via snail-mail or email. If submitting via email a few things must be completed. A scanned copy of EACH entry form must be attached to the email. If a check or money order is used to pay the entry fee, therefore sent separately, it must be mailed to IABOI Pictures, Birmingham, AL 35211 and postmarked no later than August 31, 2013 (no matter how early your audio entry was received). The check number or money order serial number must be provided in the confirmation code area of the entry form(s). This is to assist in matching up the submission with the entrance fee. If an entrance fee and a submission can not be matched, the contestant will be contacted. A confirmation notice of the submission & payment will be sent to the contestant upon receipt. Email submissions/entries to: [email protected] , Subject: IABOI Music Competition 2013-Contestant.

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